Tips on how to Have Safety Job Hazard Analysis


If you want to have a good foundation of your safety process, I can suggest that you will use Job Hazard Analysis, it is because it will really help you to have a good structure, in terms of safety training, any kind of inspections or audits, also safety compliance and all kinds of any safety activities. If you used the core standard, which are the ANSI AIHA Z10 2005 nor the OHSAS 18001, surely the Job Hazard Analysis can be certainly appointed by their many elements.


If you implement an effective I2P2, it will actually enhanced through the establishment of a solid Job Hazard Analysis Process. If  you need more details and insights about where and how hazards and risk exist, well the ANSI Z10 and 2P2 will be customized and be adjusted to the site specific needs also, it is not just for being generic approach to safety. For some facts, you can visit


Below are the Tips on how to establish and effective Job Hazard Analysis:

The employee must be brought first into the Hazard Analysis then to the Hazard Identification. Additionally, it should be necessary to the management and the administrative to be involve assuring in terms of the communication of the safety process that why Job Hazard Analysis should is very important.


Misperception is one of the obstacle that could really prevent the employees in terms participation that Job Hazard Analysis can be considered as a motion study and a form of time. While it will help to improve the job, these could not be purely effective and efficiency studies to the employee. Training and logistics are much needed because it is the fundamentals of Hazard Identification and it will help for setting up the procedure that is need to be reviewed. You may also click here for more information.


One of the essential are Candid and Open Communication. The employees are very free in perceiving issues and to report problems without any fear of reprisal. Problems must be to be discuss in a workplace and trusting issues must be open. Because if not, there is a tendency that, problems with the relationship among operational issues and safety will be address.


There are also methods in communicating issues and activities between the organization should be determine. It will determine the quality and depth of communication of what are the knowledge and messages will be get through in all levels of the organization. The analysis with will really show of where communications are slowing or just being stopped. Those methods and tools that is being used to qualify risk and to identify hazards must be reviewed.

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